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Newlyweds hold hands under the Tree of Life New Orleans

Audubon Park is a beautiful and serene oasis in the heart of New Orleans, offering visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the natural beauty of Louisiana. From mossy covered oak trees to beautiful lagoons, Audubon Park is a dream location for an intimate wedding ceremony in New Orleans. Most notable is the Tree of Life, which is the largest and believed to be the oldest oak tree in the park, but there are several other hidden gems we’re going to share with you as well!

The Tree of Life

Believed to be over 600 years old, the Tree of Life boasts a trunk that is 30 feet wide with mossy covered branches that span up to 160 feet, making it a magnificent backdrop for any wedding ceremony. Locals have given it this special name due to its survival through natural disasters that have occurred over the course of hundreds of years, including Hurricane Katrina. This is easily one of our favorite ceremony locations in the city because of its incredible, natural beauty. Check out our all-inclusive Tree of Life package here

This location requires a permit of $150 for 3 hours, and is suitable for up to 100 guests. 

Wedding ceremony under the Tree of Life in New Orleans

St. Charles Fountain

The grand entrance to Audubon Park is located just steps from the famous St. Charles Avenue streetcar line. The setting, which includes a captivating center fountain surrounded by towering oak trees, provides a backdrop that will stand the test of time. This location, which is encircled by benches, produces an enchanting atmosphere of love.

Suitable for up to 50 guests.

newlyweds stand in front of St. Charles Fountain in Audubon Park

Hyams’ Fountain

This fountain was the location of the original entrance to Audubon Park upon its opening in 1919. The shade of oak trees accompanied by the serene sounds of flowing water make this area perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Suitable for up to 50 guests.

Newlyweds embrace at Hyams' Fountain at New Orleans Audubon Park

South Oak Alley

Surrounded by ancient beauty and a vast field, Oak Alley provides the ideal fairytale wedding location. This is the largest grove of trees in Audubon Park and provides the opportunity of a ceremony that truly feels connected to nature.

Suitable for up to 150 guests.

The Newman Bandstand

You may recognize this location from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” though it is typically used for weddings or performances.  Its position next to the park’s lagoon makes it a great spot for large or small ceremonies.

The Bandstand requires a reservation at a cost of $1000, which includes the adjacent shelter for a reception, or the Audubon Clubhouse can be rented separately for the reception if preferred. Suitable for up to 200 guests.

Myrtle Grove

Tucked away from the activity of Audubon Park you’ll find this beautifully landscaped area surrounded by crepe myrtle trees, with two small gazebos at either end. This location is great for a late spring or summer wedding when the crepe myrtles are in bloom.

Suitable for up to 100 guests.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth, which serves as a space for introspection and meditation, embodies the principles of a relationship: patience and understanding. Grandiose oaks surround the circular brick pathway to create a cozy atmosphere centered on human connection.

Suitable for up to 50 guests.

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