What to Expect on Your Wedding Day

The day you’ve been dreaming of is almost here! After months of planning and preparation, it’s finally time to say “I do” while surrounded by family and friends. Needless to say, the day will be jam packed, so here are a few tips and things to keep in mind so you know what to expect on your wedding day:

The day goes by FAST 

Time flies when you’re having fun, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most magical day of your life is going to be no exception. Between getting ready with your bridesmaids, the ceremony, taking photos with the bridal party, and greeting your guests at the reception (not to mention enjoying the party!) the day will be over before you know it. Be sure to make time throughout the day to really soak in each moment. Plan to have some alone time with your partner before you are presented again to your guests as newlyweds. We recommend doing this after the ceremony once photos have been taken while your guests enjoy the food and beverages provided.

All that delicious food you picked out? Eat it!

Far too often we hear couples say they “didn’t have a chance to eat” during their wedding, however a great wedding planner will be sure to make this a top priority! A lot of planning goes into creating the perfect menu for your wedding, and you of all people should get to enjoy it. Our recommendation is to eat during the scheduled alone time with your partner that we mentioned above. This will allow you to eat without interruption and spend quality time together before you have to greet all of your guests. Another tip is to make sure your wedding planner or family member prepares a few to-go boxes you can take with you upon leaving the reception.

Pictures, pictures, pictures 

You will undoubtedly take A LOT of photos on your wedding day. Whether you’re excited about this -or dreading it- remember to make it a fun experience. Your joy will really show through in these pictures and you’ll have them to treasure for the rest of your life. Above all, if there is a special hair and makeup look or a special shot that you want-speak up! This day should be captured the way that you want to remember it, and any good photographer will be happy to ensure that happens. 

Expect a few curveballs

Ever heard the quote “The best laid plans often go awry?” Be prepared that this could be the case on your wedding day. Things will happen that are out of your control, whether it’s a guest missing their flight, a venue having a plumbing issue, or you tripping over your dress. However, if you’re prepared for it, you’ll be able to let it go and enjoy the rest of your day. Remember, the most important part of this day is marrying the love of your life!

Recruit someone to help you 

Whether it’s a trusted friend, family member, or an amazing wedding planner (hint, hint) none of the curveballs we mentioned above will affect your day if you have someone who’s prepared for what could possibly go wrong. We highly suggest you invest in a wedding planner–we’ve seen it all and therefore can prepare for everything. It’s also very important that if you aren’t from the area where you’re getting married, you hire a planner who is. From making sure that all of the pieces are working together, to having a plan B, C, D, and even E — we have your back on your big day.

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